Write Your Way To Riches – How Short Reports Can Make You Money Fast

Write Your Way To Riches – How Short Reports Can Make You Money Fast

Did you know that the information industry is expected to reach over $ 400 billion by the end of 2010? Did you also know that that is just the tip of the iceberg? You see, most people haven’t even started purchasing information products such as short reports online yet. But those who have, have already spent in the hundreds of billions. That means creating your own information products can make you filthy rich, literally!

One of the easiest information products to create is a short report. Why? Well because its short. Its just a quick solution to a problem. A short report should be no longer than 20 pages long. So if you are writing one on a topic that you know quite a bit about, it would take you less then 2 hours to put together. You could then turn around and start selling it for a very nice profit. The great thing about selling information products online is that the costs are extremely low and the profits extremely high.

There is no shipping involved and no big time publisher that gets their piece of the pie first. All the money is your other than any hosting or domain name you might purchase. And for the most part, those things won’t run you more than $ 25 to $ 30. Honestly, it will probably be much less than that.

When you are putting together a short report your job is to find a problem that needs to be solved. Do a little search online and you will find many problems that people are looking for solutions to. Most of those people will gladly pay for a short report that helps them solve their problem. And you can sell your short report for anywhere between $ 7 and $ 27. Of course the price will depend on how much information you are providing. Sell just a few hundred copies and you will have made well over $ 1000.

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