Making Use Of Conversion Rates With You Tube To Make Money Online


Making Use Of Conversion Rates With You Tube To Make Money Online

Do you know it is quite easy to make money online, I mean never has there been a time in history where you can start an internet business and make money online for less than $ 100 a month? In the brick and mortar world there is no way you can even start a small business. It would cost you a few thousands just to rent a place. However the internet offers you so many options when it comes to make money online

You tube is an example. This is a free service that can use used to make a bundle. Let me explain. There Is An Inherent Lack Of Focus In Internet Marketing.

The difficulty with online marketing and advertising is that most men and women jump from one form of marketing to another without mastering anyone of them. You can find only a handful of people online who do just one thing and succeed at it. Everyone else tends to fall prey for the next new thing and never end up succeeding online. Let’s take video marketing and advertising as an example, if you are like most individuals online and you probably have done or know of some video marketing but the real question is: Have you given it your all. For instance it’s known that the going rate of conversion for online videos on sites like you tube is between 1-2% and you can get anywhere from 300 views a year to 20,000 views a month depending on the popularity of the market you are targeting. However let’s say for demonstration purposes the average view per video is 100 views a month and so 1200 views a year a year

A excellent conversion rate for you tube videos and movies is one percent a year and this conversion rate is crucial if you wish to know to use you tube videos to make money online . Let’s say you went all out and made four hundred video tutorials and also you placed all those on you tube. Now let us do the math Let us say you promote a product that gives you a $ 30 commission here is what you movies can provide you with But wait lets say that the average video takes 17 minutes to make! So to complete 400 videos would take you a couple or handful of months to create, but let say you take those 400 video and distributed them to five web-sites like you tube in a way that makes them all unique to goggle you would have lots of site visitors as follows

400 videos x 5 video sites x 1200 sights, which is 2400000 views, now let’s say that you get a 1% conversion rate this will hive you 24,000 purchases and when you multiplied this by a commission of $ 30 that may provide you with $ 720,000 Ok sounds great but let us go further and make the conversion price even lower, like say .005% that might be mount modest lets say 1.01 x 0.01 bought You’d probably still have 240 purchases. Multiply this amount by $ 30 and you have $ 7200 which is not bad for a few months work

Sounds good right? So how come people are not making this? Well no one can do this, I can promise you if you sat down to do 200 videos and posted them to 5 sites you would not complete it. Human nature would have you jump to the next marketing tool. Had you just done all 400 videos you would have a healthy income IN no time at all. So the solution is- sit down, make a commitment and do it. These are just one of the many technique is I can sow on how to make money online

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