How to Get Pregnant Naturally – Increasing Your Chances to Get Pregnant


How to Get Pregnant Naturally – Increasing Your Chances to Get Pregnant

Your fertility is a major factor to watch out for if you want to get pregnant easily. Your health, the proper timing of sexual intercourse, your body weight, even the sex position matter if you are considering ways on how to get pregnant naturally.

Of course, it takes two to tango so it would also help to check the fertility of your partner to maximize your chances of conceiving. If you want to maximize your chances with your own efforts, the natural means is always a good and inexpensive option. Here are some ways that may help you on how to get pregnant naturally.

* Monitor your monthly period. This way you can determine your most fertile days and the best time to engage in sexual intercourse.

* Monitor your ovulation through basal body temperature or cervical mucus. You can do it manually or you can find ovulation kits to help you determine if you are ovulating.

* Have regular sex. Regular sex for sure can increase your chances of hitting a fertile period. One of the best ways on how to get pregnant naturally is to have sex daily during the fertile period. That for sure will give you good chances in conceiving.

* Maintain a good body weight. Obesity could be a factor of non-fertility thus you should shed those extra pounds to allow yourself to conceive.

* Exercise. Exercising is not only good for a body who wants to conceive but also for your total health. Make sure though that you are not doing it excessively as excessive exercise can also cause you to skip your menstrual period, thus absence of ovulation.

* Have a healthy diet. Aside from getting benefits for your overall health, there are also food that may increase fertility. Oysters are the best example, as they are rich in zinc that enhances your fertility as well as you partner’s.

* Avoid alcohol. Alcohol has adverse effects on your fertility and can also affect sperm quality and quantity in men. So avoid it.

* Avoid caffeine, chocolates and soda. Studies have shown that increased caffeine in the body can reduce your chances of getting pregnant as the stimulant may affect your ovulation, start getting rid of coffee as soon as possible.

* Quit smoking. Not only will this affect your fertility, it can also cause birth defects on your baby.

* Reduce stress. Stress and even being desperate to conceive can affect fertility too. Some studies have shown that pregnancy is likely to occur when couples are relaxed and stress-free. Stay happy and avoid negative emotions.

* Be safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes the culprit of not being able to conceive are health issues like sexually transmitted diseases. Practice good hygiene and be loyal to your partner to prevent STDs.

* Take your vitamins. There are certain vitamins that are essential if you want to conceive a baby. Folic acid, iron and calcium are among these. You can always ask your OB-gyne for guidance on what you need to supplement your current health.

* Opt for a better sex position. If you can help the fertilization process by helping the sperm get to its destination, you can do it by choosing a better sex position. Avoid sitting and standing positions as well as positions with you on top.

* Watch your medications. Some medication can affect your chances to conceive, so if you are trying to get pregnant, always consult your doctor for prescription and advice.

These are just some of the ways on how to get pregnant naturally. It will of course need time, effort and patience but all these will pay off in the end if you will finally have that cute little baby in your arms.

Carolyn Anderson is a book reviewer and a wide reader. If you want to have a complete guide on getting pregnant naturally, she recommends Personal Path to Pregnancy. She also recommends Miracles Do Happen, w where you can find a way to get pregnant naturally.

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